The beginning of this summer found me full of ideas and motivation. I had a plan all laid out to make a decent monthly income working from home, had a story I was determined to finish by the end of the summer, bought one of those HITT work out plans to get my legs in shape enough to wear shorts without feeling self-conscious. I was finally going to get stuff done.

Then, unbeknownst to me, my Ferritin levels began to tank. Do you know what Ferritin is? I didn’t either. In layman’s terms it is a protein that stores iron – not enough Ferritin = not enough iron. The normal count should be anywhere from 50 – 150. Mine was 5. When Ferritin stores are low the body does really fun things like racing heart beats, headaches, dizziness, restless legs, serious fatigue, insomnia, dry skin, and hair loss. Well, at least that’s what my body did.

The insomnia got so bad that I was afraid to drive at times because I felt almost drunk. And at my worst I could accomplish little tasks, then have to lay down: vacuum, then lay down, clean the kitchen, then lay down. It was infuriating. I felt like such a lousy mom and wife. When I wasn’t exhausted I was grumpy and on edge.

Over the next three months of Dr. visits and blood draws – a ridiculously long, drawn out, and frustrating process – we discovered the low Ferritin levels and I was treated with five IV bags of Iron within a two-week schedule. This week is the first week in maybe a year or so that I’ve felt relatively normal. I think the lowering levels began a long time ago and I just chalked my fatigue up to being lazy. But the last stages of my Ferritin decline were fast like my body was screaming at me to do something about it.

Needless to say I did nothing all summer but survive.  But summer is just about over now and Fall is close at hand.

A wonderful thing about the change of seasons is, even though we are still in the middle of the year, they provide a new beginning of sorts.  I could really use a new beginning. So, as the chapter of Summer closes with its constant waves of heat and frustration, I turn the page to Fall’s first day with its promise of cool air and hot coffee.

Because of the new season and some renewed energy I have a few projects I’m excited to delve into. Being a chronic starter with a horrible close rate I’m trying to limit myself to only three projects.  I plan to write a post about each so I’ll just briefly touch on them here.

1. Inktober. The premiss is to create 31 ink drawings in 31 days. I’ve always loved seeing people’s creations but never attempted it myself. This year I want to dive in.

2. I have a growing collection of old books (1880’s – 1940’s). A few of them are holding onto their bindings by threads so I’ve been repurposing them. So far I’ve made a wine journal, a book of pressed flowers, and a drawing journal.

3. In college I dabbled in watercolor but due to being poor (what college student isn’t?) I could only afford student grade paints. The cheaper pigments just couldn’t match the vividness in my head so I switched to acrylics. But now I that I can afford higher quality paints I want to try it again.

I’m excited for all the goodness of this new season and hope you’ll check back to see what I’ve created!



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